Making space for nature in Falmouth


BeaconThe Beacon is a large open space in Falmouth managed by Cornwall Housing. It sits within an area surrounded by several housing estates. Currently a field with sensational views over the Carrick Roads, it is the perfect space to introduce some new features as part of the GI4G project. The GI4G project aims to improve spaces within the community by transforming grassy areas into wildlife habitats and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cornwall Housing has worked closely with the GI4G team to influence outcomes and engaged with local residents to canvass their views. They will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the space after the first year and have been involved with the design of the scheme.

The construction work has been completed by Cormac, and started with the creation of a path that will enable people to traverse the park towards the town centre and several large perennial/shrub bed areas have been prepared for the introduction of pollinator friendly plants.

To assist with the next stage, 25 children and two teachers from Falmouth Primary Academy attended an event to support the project and get involved with their local community.

Following a thorough briefing on the activities and safety procedures, each pair of children were given a bucket with sand to mix their wildflower seed, then were shown how to seed it with supervision from the Cormac team.

The children had a wonderful time and felt part of the works going on at the park. Several passers-by commented how lovely it was to see the children out doing something so positive.

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